A Visual Journey Through the Rocky Mountains, Part 2

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Last we spoke, I left you snuggled around a campfire with the wine glasses clinking. After a night laughing with family, we set off for my favorite adventure: Lake Louise. I can’t believe it’s taken me 24 years to get here but I already can’t wait to go back next summer – this time to hike to the teahouses. I don’t think there’s any better motivation for a sweaty hike than ending it with an unbelievable view and a nice cup of tea. This time we settled for a leisurely stroll around the lake while I went crazy on the photos – the Rocky Mountains are just too beautiful to resist.


rocky mountains

I think I did an ok job of getting a photo at every possible angle, except for from above, don’t you think? We had the most crystal clear, sunshine filled day – I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon! But the adventure doesn’t stop there.


rocky mountains

rocky mountains

rocky mountains

Lake Louise 2

rocky mountains Lake Louise

rocky mountains lakelouise

Lakes are scattered throughout the Rocky Mountains so it should come as no surprise that just down the road from Lake Louise is yet another gorgeous stop-off point. Moraine Lake, though it doesn’t have the same turquoise waters as Lake Louise, sparkles brilliantly in the sun. Better yet, if you’re just itching to get up close and personal with the shimmer water, you can rent out a canoe for a paddle around the lake!

                                                                         rocky mountains Moraine Lake (2)



Moraine Lake


The rest of our time was spent in good company, fits of laughter and warming up on the cool summer evenings by a campfire.

Have you visited the Rocky Mountains? What did you think?

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