I’m not sure how you found yourself here, but I am so glad that you did and I hope that you find my world here as much fun as I do. I’m a Canadian girl, raised in the prairies of Alberta – somewhere in between the Rocky Mountains of the South and the forests of the North. For as long as I can remember, my memories are of wheat and canola fields in every direction, dirt road drives with country music turned up loud and summers spent in a small cabin with no amenities.

I have always cherished these memories and that cabin is the strongest sense of home that I have – but my heart has always been telling me to run for the hills pulling me in another direction. My love story with the world began at a young age – I spent my first birthday by the ocean, took my first steps in England and the drive to explore more of the world has grown with me ever since.

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Journey to Bliss was born from my desire to discover life beyond my own backyard and to live my life in a way that fosters freedom, happiness and, most importantly, leads from the heart. It’s a journey of embracing new experiences, pushing past boundaries and creating an abundant life filled with self-love and positivity. I think that everyone deserves to design and lead a life that fills them up with joy, excitement and that ‘I can’t believe this is my life’ feeling. Journey To Bliss is an online travel resource for all of you who have your hearts pulling you in a different path than you’ve been told to follow – from the gap year students and budget travelers, to the corporate workers turned nomads, to those of you who want to turn their dreams of a travel lifestyle into a reality.

I aim to share with you the beauty that the world has to offer: the nature that creates it and the individuals that inhabit it. I want you to experience the depths of the ocean with me, the summits of volcanoes, the tuk tuk rides, the missing passports and the international friendships. I want you to come with me as I climb to the top of towers and castles in the United Kingdom, taste the food in Italy, swim the sea in the Caribbean, and promote cruelty free animal tourism in Southeast Asia.

I am so happy to have you joining our travel community and I hope that I can share with you the raw realities of travel – the good and the crazy – and the travel tips that come from it, making my own mistakes along the way so that you don’t have to.

I started small. I spent a year at a different high school just to get out of my hometown for a few hours each day and meet new people. I went on a few trips with my family – and then I turned eighteen and I realized that the world was right at my fingertips. I had no life worked three jobs for a year and boarded a plane to Ireland, where I began a six month solo backpacking adventure. Since then, I completed a four year degree in Social Work. During those four years, I attended three universities in three different cities, spent two summers exploring Southeast Asia, six months studying and living in Barbados and as much time as I could exploring my own province. Now, I’m finding my own way to turn travel into my long-term lifestyle.

I don’t buy into the North American belief that life is meant to be spent working, paying bills and living for the weekends or our 2 weeks paid vacation each year. We are given one shot at this life and I don’t want to spend it dictated by a 9-5 work schedule. I am going to take the risks I need to take to keep fueling that fire in my soul, even if it’s not what is “expected of me” by society. That’s what I’m all about – building a lifestyle of joy, freedom and positivity. It’s what Journey To Bliss is all about, too, and it’s what I hope this community of people will be about. It doesn’t have to be about travel for you, like it is for me, just that thing that really lights you up. I know what sparks a fire in my heart and I’m ready to go after it – are you?