Bathing in The Hot Pot, Barbados

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Amidst a long stretch of the white sand beach off the shores of the Caribbean is a natural little pool that flows out into the sea. Though shallow, there is a strong undercurrent that allows the pool to shift it’s shape often and will carry you out to sea if you’re not careful!

Situated in front of a factory, the water that cools the generator of the factory becomes warm from the machinery and flows back out into the ocean, causing this small body of water to become unusually warm. Locals flock to Brighton beach to bathe in this water, adults chatting as they lounge and children jumping in and out and allowing themselves to be carried further towards the sea by the current.

Three of us made our way to the hot pot after hearing from some local school children that it was something we had to try out. I’m not confident on the sanitary conditions of the hot pot, as the water comes from the nearby factory and is probably not very clean. My friend’s ring was completely discolored after we spent twenty minutes there and there was a man pouring what looked to be the remaining bit of CLR or car fluid out of the jug, sloshing it into the water. Despite that, many locals claim that the water in the hot pot has healing properties and can help those suffering from rheumatism and arthritis. Many will even fill up jugs and water bottles full of the water and take it home with them once they’ve had their fun for the day.

Whatever its health and safety level you will always find it filled with bajans and it was a great local experience to join in!

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