Bucket List: Graduate University, Check!

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The other day I was asked whether I was proud of myself. I had just arrived at my grandparent’s house after spending the afternoon at my university graduation where I received a diploma in social work. My Nan’s friend was looking at me expectantly and yet I couldn’t help but feel like I didn’t know how to respond. There are a lot of negative connotations attached to pride in today’s society. People are considered arrogant and self-absorbed if they are confident and proud. It’s a twisted reality. Being proud of yourself is a great thing. Being confident and happy when you look in the mirror or because of your actions and accomplishments is a wonderful thing. Being proud of ourselves is to recognize our personal achievements and not be afraid to say yeah, I did do that and it’s awesome!

Social Work graduate, me!


Four days ago I walked across a stage and graduated from a university. Although I do plan to continue my academic career until I get a degree, I felt it was important to acknowledge what I had now rather than focusing on the degree that I have yet to obtain. While I always knew that I would like to have a university education, I have never been particularly motivated to work hard and make that a reality. I spent two years working and traveling instead, debating with myself whether I truly needed to go to university. Throughout the two years that I spent studying, I contemplated dropping out at least three times seriously. But now that they’ve come to an end and I have something to show for it, I am so happy that I stuck with it. There are some things that are worth putting travel on hold for and I’ve realized that my education is one of them.

me and my grandad at my graduation

graduates 2013 :)

I can truly say that yes, I graduated university and I am proud. I worked hard to make it happen, working nearly full time hours, having an 8-month practicum both years, writing multiple papers every week. Somehow I even managed to travel to Southeast Asia during summers off and I’m proud of that to, despite some people believing I should be spending the summer to work and make money. Now, who knows where my life will go. Maybe back to school in the fall or maybe on a few small trips before the big one next summer.

Not only did I accomplish something I was never certain I would, but I can now cross another goal off of my bucket list: graduate university, check!

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