See TWO of the Seven Wonders of the World, CHECK!

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If ever I get to cross something off of my bucket list that I think is worthy of a blog post, I am going to do one. This is my first blog post regarding my bucket list. Although seeing the seven wonders of the world (any of the wonders from any of the lists, seeing as there are a few lists), I was pretty excited when, back in the summer of 2010, I was able to see two wonders of the world.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, listed as one of the seven wonders of the medieval world, was something I had read about in silly children’s books as a kid, a building that caused a lot of jokes and inspired a bit of curiosity when I was young. “How could a building be made of pizza?!” “Does it really lean that far over? How does it not fall?”  It only makes sense that while in Florence I decided to take a day trip over to Pisa to see the tower of my childhood. To be honest, I had a wonderful time in Pisa, not that I did much more than bake in the Italian summer heat, enjoying a gelato with two great friends and taking absurd amounts of hilarious and embarrassing photos with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It’s a really odd sight to see when you visit the tower. When we arrived it was still quite early and we had a lot of space to ourselves. However, as the day went by the amount of tourists grew and grew until all you could see surrounding the tower of Pisa was flocks of tourists taking ridiculous photos of themselves holding up this building. I was one of them and I’m not even embarrassed to admit it. We had a grand old time trying to come up with creative ways to hold up the tower of Pisa, which basically  meant stealing other people’s ideas and claiming them our own.

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy was another wonder of the medieval world, seen just a week or so after the tower of Pisa. Rome was a number of things, but most of all it was captivating. With only a few days to see as much as possible, I felt entirely too rushed and would have gladly spent hours upon hours more of walking around the ruins. In those few days, I was obsessed with seeing as much as humanly possible. The Colosseum was a bit confusing to be honest! I am not good with those audio phones for tourists, where you have to go from station to station and listen to the boring voice on the phone. First of all, I never seem to be in the right spot or figure out how to know what spot I am in! And well, therein lies the entire problem for me with those things. Despite that, I did manage to piece things together and found the Colosseum absolutely amazing.

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