Canadian Winter Festivals: Ice on Whyte

by | Feb 4, 2013 | Alberta, Canada | 1 comment

Ice on Whyte is an Edmonton-based winter festival where artists come together to develop some incredible pieces of art made entirely out of snow and ice. This year was the 10th annual Ice on Whyte Festival, located just off the popular and bustling Whyte Avenue, and the first one I had ever been to. Featuring beautiful ice sculptures crafted by artists from around the world, Ice on Whyte also offers family skating time, “frozen yoga”, activities for children, entertainment, hot chocolate, sticks of maple syrup taffy on snow, ice carving competitions and more, with each day presenting something new and exciting. The best time of day to go to Ice on Whyte? After dark, when ice sculptures are lit up in a fantastic array of colors.

Much to do at Ice on Whyte!

Musical Balance sculpture, one of my favorites

Fragile sculpture, incomplete

SculptureThe slide at Ice on Whyte

Sculpture being carved


Ice on Whyte sculpture

Fish sculpture

My very favorite, the buddha


Mistress of the Permafrost sculpture

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