Follower of Sunshine: An Afternoon in Rundle Park, YEG

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As soon as the sun comes out I do my best to be outside. I crave sunshine, summer and hot weather for a good eight months a year. I love spending summer days visiting parks around the city or checking in on what new and exciting things are going on. On one of the warmest days in a very long time, I spent the afternoon at a local arts festival. Once we’d had enough of that scene, we drove to Rundle Park to join others who had decided to spend the afternoon around a BBQ or lounging on the green grass. Rundle Park, in North Edmonton, Alberta, is huge. Filled with fire pits, barbecues, and various little lakes there is an endless number of things to do: volleyball, paddle boating, canoeing, walking trails, etc.

Canadian geese taking flight

We spent the later part of the afternoon wandering about the park, taking a frenzy of photos with the new Canon I got for my birthday. We watched people paddle about and then walked along the trails that are adjacent to the fast-flowing North Saskatchewan River.

Rundle ParkNorth Saskatchewan River

It wasn’t long before we came upon a gaggle of geese. I Googled that because I had no idea what a family of geese were called. Apparently, it’s a “gaggle” of geese but I think that sounds rather funny and I can’t keep a straight face writing that. So we came upon a group of geese, some adults and a whole bunch of little babies. We stopped and watched them swim around as some people tossed bread into the water.

Canadian Geese

Baby Geese!


As we continued on our way, we came to a portion of the walking path submerged under part of the river that had overflowed into the park. Alberta has a bunch of extreme flooding right now and luckily this is all that’s happening in Edmonton so far. Forced to go around and cut through the grass, we found ourselves a spot of grass (shade for Kayla and sun for me) and spent the remainder of our day lounging by a fountain. Whether you already live in the city or are visiting from out of town, Rundle Park is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon with a group of fun people.

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