Journey To Bliss – The New Site Makeover!

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You guys!!! I know I’ve fallen completely off the grid but it’s because I’ve been making big plans. A few months ago I stumbled across Marela Klepo and she has helped me put my heart and soul into the creation of something that I truly love. In case you haven’t noticed, Whirlwind Travel has had a huge makeover – starting with a name change. I had some people warn me against a name change, saying that my readers know Whirlwind Travel, but I couldn’t stand by something that I no longer identified with. When I started Whirlwind Travel, I was a shy eighteen year old who had just graduated high school and was planning on backpacking around Europe for a few months. I was zooming in and out of cities at a fast pace, never staying in one place for much longer than three days. It was a whirlwind in the truest sense – and so became the blog.

Five years have passed since then and I’ve come to realize that traveling, for me, is much more than getting in as much as possible in a short time, checking tourist sites off my list and rushing to the next one. I don’t like to count the number of countries I’ve been to, but the experiences I’ve had and whether or not I truly got a sense of what life might really be like there. I’m on a journey to design a life that I absolutely love: one that brings me so much joy, inspiration and that surrounds me with positive minded individuals. A journey to bliss.

For me, that looks like a journey of slow travel, of soaking in enriching and unique experiences, of finding a balance between my need to explore and my homebody nature, of being authentic to myself and how I want to see my life play out. It also looks like focusing on the personal: my health and well-being, increasing the positivity in my life and kicking ass at the self-love part (because we all know that right there is a journey in itself). But most of all, that means creating a community of individuals on their own journeys of stepping out of their comfort zones, chasing their own adventures and being there to support one another along the way.


The next part of my journey is coming up insanely fast – I feel like if I close my eyes for a second too long, it will be staring me in the face. I’ve set a date, I’ve told my boss and my coworkers, I’m cherishing moments with my family and my friends and I’ve got my first THREE flights of 2017 booked. People have been asking me where I’m going and the long answer is long – but the simple answer is everywhere. And I want you to come with me! Literally, metaphorically, whatever. As much as I want to share it with you here, I want to see you going out and doing it for yourself; whatever that thing is that you’ve been dying to do but have been putting on hold.

And so, Journey To Bliss was born and I hope that it encourages you to join me in The Bliss Movement: designing lives we are proud of and not being afraid to go after what it is we really want, as conventional or bizarre as that may be.

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