My Favorite Hostel: A Little Bird Guesthouse

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At the beginning of my Southeast Asia trip this summer, I returned to one of my favorite cities: Chiang Mai. Located in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand after Bangkok. Not only is Chiang Mai a beautiful, well-balanced city, it is home to one of my favorite hostels. A Little Bird Guesthouse. I haven’t met anyone who has negative things to say about this hostel. But remember, we are talking about budget backpacker standards here, not a five star resort. While Little Bird is nothing fancy, it is a place to rest your head without worry, a place that is cheap, and a place that will bring you many great memories.

The price, a big factor for many backpackers, is the cheapest I’ve found yet. You pay about 100-120 BAHT per night, or about one to two dollars a night. The staff are easily approachable, speak very understandable english and are able to help you with anything that you might need. Rooms are clean and comfortable. The only downfall in my opinion is that all of the rooms are fan only, no air conditioning, and they can get quite hot. I’ve woken many a morning with my hair stuck to the sweat on my face. Despite that, I have been to that hostel three seperate times and will return whenever I have the chance to be in Chiang Mai again.

In the heart of the old city, everything is easily accessible from A Little Bird Guesthouse. The bars, restaurants and tourist information shops are all within walking distance and just across the street is Somphet Market, where you can go for some fresh fruit, vegetables, street food, or make a visit to Tip for one her delicious smoothies. You can read my previous blog post on Tip here.

What I love the most about this hostel is the atmosphere. For solo travellers especially, I would highly recommend staying here. There are two “common room”-esque areas. One is outside, right near the covered area that the staff, computers, and tourist information are. This area always has people sitting about, even in the middle of the day, basking in the sun. The other area is upstairs, which is covered and quite a bit cooler than downstairs and a good place to run if it suddenly begins to rain. With only these places to go if you want to stay at the hostel, it is impossible not to make friends within your first few hours of being there.

Things really start getting good when the sun goes down. I have never had a boring night there, although if you are looking for peace and quiet to sleep, I’ve also never had much of a problem with noise from outside waking me up. In fact, I recently spent my twenty-first birthday at this hostel and it made it into my top two birthdays, after my eighteenth, thanks to the amazing group of people I met there this time around.

If you are looking for a hostel that is cheap, clean, sociable and friendly, then I would recommend A Little Bird Guesthouse. As long as you don’t mind not having air conditioning, I can’t see anyone regretting their stay.

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