Perfect Fit Protein: Protein Powder Perfect for Travel!

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As a vegetarian, I try my best to get my protein in other ways like through beans, nuts, vegetables, and protein powder! I’ve tried all sorts of protein powders for my smoothies. Okay, so mostly whey protein and soy protein powders. Some people love them, but I was never a huge fan. When I discovered a nutrition and fitness plan called Tone It Up, I came across Perfect Fit Protein Powder, a protein powder made from organic, brown rice protein. This protein powder doesn’t make your stomach feel funny and has a delicious vanilla flavor. Perfect Fit is organic, gluten-free, raw, vegan, sugar and fat-free, dairy and lactose-free, soy, corn and wheat-free, non-gmo, and allergen free!

Enough about what it is, because this is a travel blog and not a nutrition blog! If you want to find out about what it is, you can read more here. The only downfall is that if you live outside of the U.S.A or Canada, shipping costs are quite expensive.

my perfect fit

The reason I like this protein powder so much is not just because of the fabulous taste but because you can get it in single-serving packets! These packets are perfect for traveling. They are compact and light-weight, so they’re not going to take up much room in your suitcase, purse, backpack or even your money belt. I’m always super excited when I find something that I love that will benefit me while traveling! On my next trip I will definitely be bringing these with me for adding them into my fruit shakes in Thailand, sprinkling it over fruit cups in Italy or adding it into that cappuccino in that cute local cafe you stumbled upon.

Perfect Fit Protein  is my perfect fit because it accommodates my travel lifestyle (when it happens). Even if you’re not a traveler,  this protein powder is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. Do you bring protein powder or other health items with you when you travel? Have you found one that works perfectly for you?

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