Notre Dame: The Home of Quasimodo

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 When, after long gropings up the dark perpendicular stair-case which

pierces the thick walls of the steeple towers, one emerged at last unexpectedly

on to one of the two high platforms inundated with light and air, it was in

truth a marvellous picture spread out before you on every side;
– Victor Hugo

Once upon a time, I stepped into the life of Esmeralda and danced around the towers of the Notre Dame, shaking my tambourine.

Just kidding. Nobody can shake a tambourine like Esmeralda, but I did get to wander around the towers of the Notre Dame on a crisp Paris afternoon.


 ……Not only was my time in Paris a bit of a whirlwind, I was also on a very strict budget. If you are looking for a beautiful attraction to visit and don’t want to spend a dime, you can visit the Notre Dame and attend a service or simply take a look inside the cathedral completely free of charge. However, for just 8 euros you can climb to the top of the towers.

I was not about to miss out on the chance to explore the towers of the Notre Dame, so I stood in the cue and patiently waited until it was my turn. As you walk up the steps, it isn’t long before you pass by the Emmanuel Bell, the largest bell in the tower (and the one that Quasimodo had to ring every day).


You may be daunted by the long lines that form, as they only allow about 20 people up the tower at one time, but your patience will be rewarded with impeccable views of the city in all directions and the chance to become friends with the gargoyles.



The cathedral itself is a stunning piece of Gothic architecture, from the flying buttresses and Cathedral towers to it’s 300-foot spire.

And this is the view of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower in the distance that this lucky gargoyle gets to stare at each and every day.

Now, if I were you I would dress up in big hoop earrings, dangly bracelets and gypsy attire, grab a tambourine and dance my way up and around the towers.

…….Have you visited the Notre Dame? Let me know what you think!

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