Yummy Pea Salad, Perfect for Summertime!

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I know this isn’t a food blog. I can’t cook or bake enough things to be able to have a food blog, not that I would really want to anyways. Instead, I enjoy going through the many adorable food blogs that other people so conveniently write for people like me. However, three summers ago I spent about two weeks in London on part of a bigger Europe trip. A cousin of mine was generous enough to let me live in his flat and visit his friends. I don’t remember much about them, apart from that they were a fun group of people. But I did remember that one of his friends made a delicious pea salad. I don’t remember what her recipe was but over the last couple of summers I’ve managed to make one of my own each year without fail. I tend to think that any recipe that takes under ten minutes and is actually good is worthy enough to be considered an easy meal while traveling, which is why this has been added to the blog! And also because I think everyone should try this salad this summer, whether you are traveling or not.

Now that I am home for the rest of my summer vacation, I decided that it was time to make some pea salad. This salad is perfect for summertime. Bursting with flavor, this salad can be made in as little as 10 minutes, or less if you’re a quick vegetable cutter, and is super convenient to toss in a bag for school, work, day trips, or camping. It’s also colorful and makes a great addition to a summer barbeque.

Summertime Pea Salad

– Peas (fresh or frozen, cooked or raw, depending on your preference. I prefer fresh and raw.)

– Red onion, chopped into small pieces

– Bell pepper, chopped into small pieces

– Cucumber, chopped into small pieces

– Garlic, chopped into small pieces

– Basil

– Feta cheese

– 1tsp of olive oil

– 1tsp of balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar (this can be substituted with any other vinegar!)

– 1tsp of freshly ground black pepper

* Chop up all of your vegetables and set aside.

* Place peas in a bowl and then add in your vegetables. Mix it all up.

* Add olive oil and vinegar. Mix it all up.

* Add basil, however much you want. Add pepper.

* Add feta cheese, however much you want. Mix it all up.

Of course, all of these ingredients are optional and can be substituted with your personal favorite vegetables, or a different cheese or no cheese at all! But who doesn’t love cheese? This pea salad is simply to make, delicious to eat and makes a great snack or addition to your meal! If you are traveling abroad and are staying in a hostel with a kitchen, head to the local market to pick up fresh vegetables, make the salad and pop it in your bag for a healthy and delicious snack in between exploring your destination! It’s that easy :)

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